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Availability of IntegratedConfiguration750In webservice

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Dear community,

We are trying to retrieve Integrated Configuration data with an external program, for diagnostic purposes. As mainstream maintenance of all releases under 7.50 is going to end with the end of this year, we have decided to go for the IntegratedConfiguration750In version of the service accessing integrated configurations, assuming, by the name, that this service is available for all 7.50 releases. To our surprise, however, we have found a release old enough (7.50 SP00) not to offer this service. I have tried to find official documentation introducing IntegratedConfiguration750In as a feature, to figure out the lowest release where this feature is already available, but I did not find anything.

Can somebody help me?On which SP has this webservice been introduced?

Thanks and best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Hi Péter,

the web service IntegratedConfiguration750In was introduced in NW 7.50 SP06 in the course of the ICO/Integration Flow receiver wildcard development (see SAP Note 2307302).

Best regards



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Thank you Anna! This pretty much solves the problem!

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