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Automatic resend of failed messages in Adapter Engine

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Hi, experts.

It's possible to resend automatically all the failed messages in Adapter Engine?


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Answers (2)

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Carme, I guess if the end system is going to be down for hours,

1. Once it comes up you do a manual mass restart of the . Its as simple as going to Message moniroting in RWB, selecting all the messages and clicking Resend.

Ofcourse, the number of retires has to be limited to 3 times or any other appropriate value ( We have personally never found the need to increase this ) but if you are looking at a one time issue when the target goes down then manual restart of all messages is still possible and is an option.



PS: If the target is going to be down and it is a known issue, then the source should not send messages to XI right, downtimes need to be communicated across teams and applications in an ideal scenario.

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hi Carme,

check this out

How to Re-process failed XI messages automatically



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Hi, Raghu

Thanks for your answer.

I've seen this blog but I'm not sure that's correct for my requirements.

If receiver system can be down during a long time (each week-end, each night)'s reasonable to retry needlessly so many times?

And also if I have many comm. channels with this requirements... can it cause performance problems ?

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Instead go for scheduling the communciation channel based on ur requirement. See this