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Automatic printing of Adobe forms - background job

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Dear Experts,

My requirement is to create a background job that will send to the printer, every morning, the Sales Orders created the day before.

Sales orders are usually printed in foreground by users, and they are pdf forms from Adobe (that is, form designed with the SFP transaction).

My goal is to automate the printing process, using a background job. I believe there should be a solution to this requirement, either from standard or as a custom implementation.

I've already extensively searched this site and Google for a possibile solution, unsuccessfully.

Do you have any clue?

Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Thank you and best regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hmm, what search string did you use? Google -> "sales order output background job" -> 3580 results

It's standard functionality, well known and documented. In the sales order output, did you not notice an option to set output to be processed by a background job? Just change that in your output condition records and then run the job whenever you want.

It does not matter what form is used for output.

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Hi Jelena,

Let me please better specify my requirement: customer has n plants / n sales offices, each sales office can book orders for whatever plants. Now, assuming that today the sales offices have created 100 orders in total, I need that, the day after early in the morning, each plant gets those orders pertaining to it, already printed when users arrive at the office.
I have no issues at all selecting which orders have to be printed, through VBAK / VBAP / JCDS / etc tables, I'm stuck at the point where, having the list of objects to be printed, the background job shall print them, considering that they are Adobe forms.

I'm going to further check Google as suggested, and the output condition records.

If anyone has any further help, please share.

Thanks and regards,