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Automatic migration und deployment with PB .Net

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We are trying to figure out how to do an automated deploy with PowerBuider.Net 12.6.

Since we usually use PowerBuilder Classic for development we first need to migrate the sources to Powerbuilder.Net.

Usually we have a Workspace just for the migration, where we first delete the Target and afterwards add it again.

Afterwards we open another workspace which contains additional Powerbuilder.Net libraries + the source we just migrated and deploy this Solution.

So the steps are:

  1. 1.       Open Migration Solution File. Delete Target
  2. 2.       Add Classic Target File in Powerbuilder.Net to migrate existing sources again.
  3. 3.       Close Migration Solution File.
  4. 4.       Open actual .Net Solution File. Right click Target or Solution -> Deploy

We already managed to get step 4 working using this link:

Is there any documentation for the commands specified in this link?

Maybe we would be able to migrate or add a target using those commands.

Thanks in advance

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Answers (2)

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Thank for your help.

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Hi Christian;

  Before you get too far into migration, I would like to point out that there is currently no future road map for When SAP turned over PB to Appeon on July 5, 2016, the wheels were already set in motion to only move PB Classic & InfoMaker forward and not

   This means that when SAP drops PB support on January 31, 2018, this will also be the EOL for That being said, my question to you now is why would you want to migrate away from PB Classic as at this time is basically a known "dead end"?

PB Roadmap: Appeon - PowerBuilder Tools, Native Mobile & Web Development platform, Professional Service

Regards ... Chris

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Hi Chris,

yes, we know know it. But we need some features from PB Net.

We have webservice project with a continous migration.

These means developing in PB classic und deployment in PB Net.

So we need an automatic solution for this process.



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Hmmm ... ORCA or PowerGen are great options for PB Classic but AFAIK the basic command-line build option (as you pointed out) is all I know of for PB.Net.

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Hi Christian,

We are well aware that one of the main reasons people are using PB.NET in production today is for the .NET WCF Services.  We have plans to incorporate this into the native PB IDE in Appeon's PB 2019 release.  But unfortunately, temporarily for PB 2017 and PB 2018 you will need to use PB.NET 12.6 to maintain your .NET WCF Services and use PB 2017 and PB 2018 to maintain your desktop apps.


Armeen Mazda

CEO, Appeon