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Automatic EWA email but no graphs

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Hi All,

When Solman emails the EWA reports there are no images/graphs/pictures send in the email. Is there a way to enable this?

Kind regards,

Sjoerd Lubbers

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Hi Sjoerd,

have you already configured the Internet Graphics Server (IGS)?

The IGS creates graphics in EarlyWatch Reports. Without an activated IGS, the values are displayed as a table.

See instructions in the Implementation Guide (tx SPRO, SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide -> Scenario-Specific Settings -> Solution Monitoring/Reporting -> Internet Graphics Server

Best regards,

Ruediger Stoecker

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IGS was already running and configured on several RFC's. Solman requires this one: GFW_ITS_RFC_DEST

The GFW_ITS_RFC_DEST was not correctly configured.


Sjoerd Lubbers