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Automatic deletion of the request id

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I need to automate(using process chain) the deletion of the

recent request ID(and the data) from an ODS and an infocube=

which gets the data from the ODS=2E There is a process type in the=

process chain called "Delete overlapping requests from=

infocube"=2E Will that help me? if yes, please tell me how?

I need this information ASAP=2E Any help is highly appreciated=2E=




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nantha Kumar

you can do the deletion with the process type "Delete overlapping requests from Infocube"

But in delta loading situation you need to be verycareful in deleting the requests, as loading of data is taking place from ODS to InfoCube,

first delete the request in InfoCube,

then remove the Datamart Status of the particular request in ODS, so automatically delta will be lost from Active table and Change log table,

then you can directly remove the request from ODS

hope this will helps you



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Nantha,

If you want to delete the duplicate or overlapping request from cube, definitely you can go for process chain where you have process type of "Delete overlapping request from the inbfocube"

The delete section can be taken from the infoapcakge level or you can define your selections, please check the different options available in this process type for details.

hope this will work.


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Hi Hantha,

There is an option in the Scheduler, Data target tab, column 'Delete entire content of data target'. So, you can delete the data target content before scheduling the infopackage.

I don't think mentioned by process in pc is a good idea. I think that this is used for overlapping start selection and it will leave ono-overlapping data in the target.

Best regards,