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Auto generation of MATNR based on some requirements

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Dear MDM Experts,

We have got the following scenario in implementing CMDM:

when ever we create a new material, the user will fill only the global or required fields except the MATNR.

After the approval process, the material gets generated in MDM.

But before the material is being syndicated, the MATNR should be automatically assigned to the record based on the following conditions:

1. if the MTART is "ROH" the MATNR shoould be in the range 2000000000 - 2999999999

2. if the MTART is "HALB" the MATNR should be in the range 4000000000 - 4999999999 etc.

I have tried this scenario using the Key generation option in the console which assigns the values at the time of syndication but the key was not getting generated.

Kindly let me know the process to achieve it.

or is there any other way that i can do this.

Thanks and Regards,

Sravan Velamury.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Sravan

Your message isn't clear fo me

If you used import for new master data you can use automatic key generation ability for inbound port

The another way:

You can create special key field in MDM and

create simple workflow which fire when ADD record.

That worklflow call assignment which fill key field



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