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Auto-Filling of User-Defined BW Hierarchies

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We have a user that is looking for a way to do what I am calling "auto-filling of user-defined hierarchies in BW"

So the user's goal is this: He wants to create a grouping of 0MATERIALS. We already have an attribute of 0MATERIAL called 0PRODH4. And he wants to group those 0PRODH4 values into higher-level nodes of his choosing. His top-level node is "2019 Sales Product Structure". The second-level nodes are "Vvvv", "Wwww", "Xxxx", "Yyyy" and "Zzzz". (That's how THIS PARTICULAR GUY views our products -- in those 5 large groupings.) In each of those 5 second-level nodes he created third-level nodes which are each individual values of the 0MATERIAL Attribute 0PRODH4. So, in this guy's world, "Vvvv" is made up of 19 specific values of 0PRODH4. Now, here comes the hard part. We have more than 10,000 materials that belong in "Vvvv", and just one of the 0PRODH4 values that goes under "Vvvv" has more than 5,000 materials. He doesn't want to sit down and attach every single 0MATERIAL to the level-3 node to which it belongs. He thinks that SAP should do that automatically for him, because 0PRODH4 is an Attribute of 0MATERIAL. I can see his point, but I don't know how to make it work.

Here are other requirements and info:

1. The hierarchy should be WIDELY available (i.e., everywhere 0MATERIAL appears). Not just available for one workbook, or one user, or one Query, or one InfoProvider

2. Does not require any person to manually assign the every individual 0MATERIAL leaf to a node

3. Can be done by a user at will, without getting any programs written or any IT people involved

We have already considered writing an ABAP program to fill in the leafs, and we will do that if we have to, but ideally the user would like to be able to do it without getting any IT people involved (doesn't want the delay).

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

Laurie Reid

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I should add that this hierarchy exists only in our user's mind, currently. It does not exist in our SAP ERP system, so it cannot be brought over from there.

Thanks again!