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Authorizations for BW reportings and BW BPS

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The project we are working on contains two aspects : one in BPS and one in BW reporting

First the user needs to input or change data in the BPS application and then he can check his figures in a BW Report. We want each user to have authorizations only for his company and his business unit.

So we created authorization objects (RSSM) with a typical user profile (does not have SAP_ALL and all profiles required to customize anything).

In this authorization object we put different characteristics such as : Company, Business Unit, Activity and Version.

In the (PFCG), for company and business unit we put the values needed for the user. For Activity, we put "change" and "display". And for version we put "*".

We can then change values in the BPS layouts but we do not have access to the concerned report in BW.

Could somebody help us on this matter ??? Or does somebody have informations on how to implement this kind of authorizations ?

Thank you very much for your help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jacques,

I hope the following links and documents ll be useful to u.


go to

-> SAP BW 3.5 -> SAP BW Business Planning and Simulation

Here you can find "HOW TO... Guides - BPS", "SEM-BPS ASAP" and other useful section with many documents... bw-bps formerly sem-bps in sapnetweaver 04.ppt asked questions - planning with sap netweaver bi.faq#q-6 bw business planning and simulation - how to guides list.htm

<u>Hierarchies in BPS appln :</u> bw-bps formerly sem-bps in sapnetweaver 04.ppt

<u>for BEx-reporting</u>,290042,sid21_gci1121728,00.html?bucket=REF

Hope it helps...let me know



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Jacques,

If user authorization for BPS and BW are identical, you can simply maintain BW reporting access to apply to both. There is a white paper on how to do this for multiple users at once.

Do you intend to restrict "version" in the future? Why would you include it as authorization object if you assign "*"?

What errors are you getting when you say you do not have access to reports?

William Lee

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Thanks all for your help, the problem has been solved by a system administrator, it was a user profile problem...

William, concerning your question, we are going to restrict the versions in the future, but for right now, we keep "*".



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Welcome to SDN...

For setting up access to BW reporting refer to below link for more information

Hope it helps.



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