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Authorization - Sales Manager: Lead Management / Opportunity Management

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Hi Portal Gurus,

As per our requirement, in the 'Sales Manager' role, under 'Sales Cycle', we need to provide only 'Lead Management' for one set of users and 'Opportunity Management' for another set of users and both for other set of users.

What would be the best way to do that. Thanks in advance for your help!

- Jas

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beside Role filtering as Deb suggested you can also think about maintaining merge ids in your role. Which means you can two roles for 'Sales Manager' role. One with Sales Cycle -> Lead Management and another with Sales Cycle -> Opportunity Management. If the Sales Cycle part of your role is a Workset - you can set the property 'Merge Id' of that for both the roles as something common. Say for example 'SALES_CYCLE'. So at runtime the portal will pick up the appropriate Sales Manager role or Roles (for users who have both) for a particular user - and depending upon the merge id - it will either show one of the Sales Cycle tab - or if both roles are there then it will show Sales Cycle -> Lead Management Opportunity Management side by side as if they part of the same role.

This might be less time consuming and simpler way to achieve your goal.



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Hello Jasendu,

The best way to implement this is to maintain a single Sales Role with all the sub catagories ('Lead Management' , 'Opportunity Management' ) and apply role filtering concept according to the users. That way you need to maintain a single Sales role. Check out the below blog for more details abour role filtering.

Or else, you can create three different roles, one for each 'Lead Management' , 'Opportunity Management' and other containing both of them and assign to users accoedingly.



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