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Authorization Problem in IWFND/ERROR_LOG

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Hi Experts,


    I'm not able to display the error details in transaction code IWFND/ERROR_LOG even though i have full authorization, getting message ***Hide_due_to_secure_log_level*** and You are not authorized to display users.I have attached image for your reference.

Thanks & Regards,

Lokesh Srinivasan.

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Hello Lokesh,

Please check below link:

Configuration Settings for the Error Log - SAP Gateway Foundation (SAP_GWFND) - SAP Library

Run transaction /IWFND/TRACES in an SAP Gateway hub system or /IWBEP/TRACES in an SAP Business Suite backend system.

Choose Add User.

Enter the user name.

Change the Error Log Level from Secure to Full.

Choose Save Configuration.

This adjusted user setting is valid for 2 hours.


Best Regards,


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Hi Anita Singh,

     Thanks for reply.


     I changed the configuration, i found the solution from SAP library, now i'm able to display the error with details.


    Your answer is absolutely correct.


Lokesh Srinivasan.

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I have a couple of question regarding the solution:

1. Is my userid or the userid from the enduser I have to add in transaction /IWBEP/TRACES?

2. I' not able to find the Save button

3. After making this change from Secure to Full, the user must reexecute the transaction that lead to the error?

Thank you in advance