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Authorization issue

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Hi folks,

I'm currently working with integrated planning on BI netweaver 2004s. The business scenario works like that: I have users who are allowed to perform planning on one customer only (let's refer to the customer as y) but they are also allowed to perform reporting activities on all other customers. I have the 0Customer infoobject marked as authorization relevant. I've created two authorizations: one with customer limited to y and with activity limited to 02 (SAVE), no restrictions were made on the key figures, infoproviders or the time validity. This authorization is made to that the users could plan on this customer. Another authorization was generated for reporting perpuses: 0customer is marked as *, Activity is marked as 03 (display) and again - no other restrictions were made (all with *).

I have a web template designed for the planners. it has the input table (based on a query) and also a dropdown box for selecting the customer. If the first customer to be selected is y (the one allowed) than planning is possible. if it's now switched to another customer (z, for example, which is not authorized for planning but is authorized for reporting) than I can see the numbers on the table and I can't plan. up to now it's working perfectly fine. If I change my selections back to customer y, than I can't perform planning activities (the cells are locked), even though the security logs on RSECADMIN show that everything is perfectly fine and I'm authorized to work on that area.

It works perfectly fine if those changes are made between customers on which planning activities are allowed to be done (or with the BI_ALL authorization). whenever there's an interval in which there's a not authorized value for the customer (on the same session), the planning will not be performed later, without logging out).

Do any of u guys have a clue about that?



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Hi Tomer,

it sounds like this is not an authorization issue at all but an issue of the Web interface with locking / unlocking cells. Maybe you would like to add that to your headline. Anyway I think you should open a customer message at SAP.

REgards, Klaus