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Authorization Check of Multiproviders

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Dear all,

we have a scenario like this:

Two Basiscube (A & B) with two authorization objects created in RSSM (AUT_A and AUT_B).

The assignment in RSSM is like this:

Cube A checked by AUT_A

Cube B checked by AUT_B

No we created a Multiprovider where A and B are assigned to.

We thought that the authorization check of the underlying Basis Cubes is also carried out in the Multiprovider. Therfore we thougth it is necessary to assign the user both authorization objects AUT_A and AUT_B to run a query on the MC. Now I found a OSS note (921820) that says:

"(XIII) For queries on MultiProviders, you must activate the relevant authorization objects for this MultiProvider (in transaction RSSM). The setting for individual basis providers is not relevant."

For me that would have the following implications:

We can assign either

  • only AUT_A or

  • only AUT_B or

  • both AUT_A and AUT_B or

  • a new authorization object to MC.

As long is the authorzation object that is assigned to the MC is also used in the roles the users can run the queries.

Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks in advance!


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Answers (2)

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You will be fine with setting the authorization at the multi provider level as far as the cubes are concerned.

But you seem to have authorization objects based on info objects. Is that correct?

If so, then you need to maintain authorization for the objects regardless of how you maintain authorization at the cube level.

Ravi Thothadri

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Yes, assign both AUT_A and AUT_B to the multiprovider and profile should not be changed.

Hope it helps.