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Authentication Options on BI Launchpad

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Hello all

First off, I am real new to this whole product, so please bear with me.  I have searched the forums for assistance, but have hit kind of a wall on this one.

I have installed Crystal Server 2013 - I didn't use the bundled Tomcat, I went with the bare-bones Web Application Container Service.  Maybe a mistake, but that remains to be seen.

All went well on the installation, and I actually have configured LDAP authentication now too.  So, when I log into the CMC at

http://myserver:6405/BOE/CMC ,  I see an authentication drop-down with options Enterprise, LDAP Windows AD and SAP.  Enterprise works, and LDAP works, so I'm happy about that.

Now, when I go to the BI Launchpad at http://myserver:6405/BOE/BI I get a login page, without a drop-down, so I can't choose LDAP, and it seems to be using Enterprise by default.

By searching these forums (and other places), I am instructed to create a file "" in the

<INSTALL_DIR>/<ENTERPRISE_DIR>./warfiles/webapps/BOE/WEB-INF/config/custom directory.  I've done so, and have the following text in there:


Now, according to the README I find in this directory, I am to:

Add custom configuration files to the <BOE_Install_Dir>\<Enterprise_DIR>\warfiles\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\config\custom folder, and then run wdeploy.

This is where I'm having my trouble....I have NO idea how to run a matter of fact, when I search my system for wdeploy, I don't even find it!  Is this a result of my not using the bundled Tomcat installation - the WACS that SAP provides does not somehow support wdeploy, and therefore I won't be able to make this customization, nor even use LDAP for authentication?

Note that I have no real qualms about redoing this, and using the Tomcat if I have to, I'm just wondering if it's because Tomcat isn't there that I'm not able to customize this.

I have put this properties file in place and reboot both the application first, and then the entire Windows server, but to no avail 😞

Anyway, there you have it - am I missing something real basic here? Is what I'm trying to do even possible? 

As always, any help very much appreciated..


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Perform the following steps to re-deploy the "BOE" application.

  1. Log on to Central Management Console (CMC) and click Servers.
  2. From the server list, stop "Web Application Container Server".
  3. Delete "BOE" application folder under the following directory
    <BI4.0 Install Directory>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\java\pjs\container\work\<server_name>.WebApplicationContainerServer\catalina\work
  4. In CMC, start "Web Application Container Server".
  5. Once "Web Application Container Server" is started, a new "BOE" application folder will be created under the step 3's directory.
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Hello was an adventure, but it finally works.  First off, once you use CMC to shut down the WACS, you lose CMC altogether, so you can't use it to start WACS back up.  You'll have to go into CCM to do that - no big deal.

The biggest adventure was me not getting along very well with Windows.  I had created a new file and named it what I thought was "" when in fact, the filename was "" - Windows thought it was doing me a favor by hiding the extension.  I bet I lost a few hours banging my head on the wall over that one.

Anyway, after the file was named properly, I started everything back up, and Presto!  I have a dropdown authentication list on my BI Launchpad page.  Thanks very much for the correct answer, JRK Prasad!


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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I am using BO 4.1 sp 1 edge, installed tomcat along with it.

I tried restarting Web application container server from both CMC and CCM. taking long time in both cases...

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Hi JRK Prasad,

I did the same as you suggested, Web Application Container Server is taking long time to start, it shows 'starting' from last 24 hours.. Please advise.

I Cannot see any BOE folder in below path,

<BI4.0 Install Directory>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\java\pjs\container\work\<server_name>.WebApplicationContainerServer\catalina\work..

Can you suggest anything with out doing wdeploy...

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Hi Rick,

     I use the bundled tomcat server while installing the BI system.

     In my side,I would also put this to <installation directory>/sap_bobj/tomcat/webapps/BOE/WEB-INF/config/custom.Besides,delete all  the cached file under <installation directory>/sap_bobj/tomcat/work.At last,restart tomcat server to make it valid.

     Maybe,you can find the similar directory under wacs server,and do what refering to me.

    Hope this can help you.

Best regards,