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Authentication incorrect to connect to SAP system via business application studio


Hello, I am trying to connect to backend SAP system via business application studio(BAS) to build fiori apps. However, when I select the data source as SAP system and enter my SAP GUI credentials for service username and password, it says authentication incorrect! as shown in the picture.

The destination is configured in cloud connector to connect to on premise SAP system and the SAP system shows up in BAS.

What could be wrong here?

Thanks Vinod

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I have the same error, I think it is a platform error, because the credentials are correct, and when I try many times, in the abap system the user is blocked, but I am sure that my password is correct.

Who can help us?



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For a Developer Extension in S4Hana Cloud, Public Edition I have on a similar situation. 

According to the example, Create Your Own Gadget Shopping App Using Developer Extensibility, it can't login to the customised oData v2

Has anyone a great Idea to resolve that situation? 

  1. Data source: OData Service
  2. in Eclipse ADT created Service URL
  3. Username from S4Hana Cloud, Public Edition (the same, what I enter into the Browser, when I'm open the preview into the Browser)
  4. The Password from 3.
  5. Klick on Login
  6. Notice (Authentication incorrect)

Best regards and Thank you for your Attention

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Hi Martin, By any chance, did you get the solution for same? I am also trying to deploy an app from SAP BAS to S/4HANA Public Cloud consuming a SAP API hub standard API. But getting same issue.