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Authentication Error of SLD user: Authentication did not succeed

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Hi experts,

I have an authentication issue in our PI system. Our PI Pre-Production system tries to connect to our PI Development system with the SLD_SD_<SID of the Pre-Production system>.

Unfortunately the SLD Client Connection and the SLD Data Suppliert connection of our Pre-Production system is not pointing to PI Development (it used to do that, but that was changed to our Master SLD on PI Production system). Therefore that user SLD_DS_... was deleted on our development PI system. All SLD destinations on QI1 were re-routed to PI-Production. However system still tries to connect.

User: SLD_DS_<SID of our PI Pre-Production system>
IP Address: <IP address of our PI Pre-Production system>
Authentication Stack:*sld
Authentication Stack Properties:
        template = ticket
        policy_domain = /sld
        password_change_error_page = /ChangePasswordSLD
        auth_method = basic
        password_change_login_page = /ChangePasswordSLD
        realm_name = SLD

Login Module                                                               Flag        Initialize  Login      Commit     Abort      Details
1.             SUFFICIENT  ok          false                 true      
        #1 trusteddn1 = OU=J2EE,CN=<SID of Enterprise Portal>
        #2 trustediss1 = OU=J2EE,CN=<SID of Enterprise Portal>
        #3 trustedsys1 = <SID of Enterprise Portal>,000
        #4 = true
2.   REQUISITE   ok          exception             true       Authentication did not succeed.
3.               OPTIONAL    ok                                true      
No logon policy was applied

I checked all destinations in NWA and also any SLD Data Supplier Bridge settings. I couldn't find where that SLD_DS_... user is used.

Any ideas?

Thanks and Best Regards


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Ok guys. Finally we were able to solve this issue. It was neither an SLD data supplier, SLD client nor any SLD bridge connection. It was the Solution Manager diagnostic agent set up on the PI Pre-Production system which was calling the wrong system with the wrong user. That has been corrected now and the error is gone!



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How did you identify the impacted host name of diagnostic agent name.