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Auditing BPM Processes

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Hello all,

Is there a way to audit BPM processes in SAP CE? Lets say I have an approval process for vendors built in BPM. There are plenty of reasons why I may need to go back and show when and who approved a particular vendor. I think there are some other types of processes that may fall under some sort of regulatory requirement (ie: SOX) such as this as well.

Does anyone know how to do this? Is it possible to do this on an Ad Hoc basis? For example, could a business user given the appropriate security role go query some sort of log (the process manager doesn't seem to have this information) to get this information?

Thanks in advance!

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Product and Topic Expert
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BPM has a business log functionality which captures business process lifecycle events (e.g. task was executed) and also allows you the see the changes in the process context.


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