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Audit notification failed error when scheduling.

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Scheduling around 170 reports per night some fail with error

"Audit notification failed. Please contact your system administrator."

And auditing is not even enable!

Can you plase advice!



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Answers (2)

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I was also facing this issue when my schedules trigger.


BO 4.2 Sp06

2 CMS Cluster

Windows Server

SnowFlake Reporting DB

We have ~2000 Schedules trigger on each Monday and I was getting "Audit notification failed. Please contact your system administrator." for at least 100 schedules with failed status.

I have followed almost all best practices to handle load and to overcome from this error message.

Resolution steps:-

- Please check Auditing folder on each node.

- Make sure that there are not too much auditing events file in this folder.

- If there are too many files in it and not getting pushed in Audit DB please restart SIA on every node.

- Make sure that before scheduling time, Auditing folder should not have more than 50-70 Auditing files.

I followed these steps and now every Friday, I am restarting my SIA to get all Audit event pushed into Audit DB.

Not a single error message regarding Auditing received after following these steps.


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You do not mention which product you are using...

Assuming you are using Business Objects Enterprise, please post this query to the Business Objects Enterprise Administration forum:

That forum is monitored by qualified technicians and you will get a faster response there.

When you post to the above forum, you may also want to provide more information, such as version of the product, etc., etc.

Thank you for your understanding,