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Attribute view, Analytical View and Calculation view

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Whatever we can do in attribute view we can do it in calculation view,

Whatever we can do in analytical view we can do it in calculation view much more better.

Then why should we require attribute view and analytical view in hana,

Is there any particular use of attribute view and Analytical view which cannot be done in calculation view.

If it is there, then what is the use and in which cases we use particularly Attribute view and Analytical View.

If not then why sap is not removing these two views(Attribute and Analytical view) from Hana.

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In the first releases there was a clear separation what type of view should be used for the specific requirements.

With the last releases more and more functionalities of attribute and analytic views were added to calculation views.

In the future only graphical calculation views should be used, so if you read the SP11 guide you will see that the attribute and analytical views are now deprecated.

Since SPS11 migration tools exist to convert attribute/analytic and scripted calculation views to graphical calculation views:

Migrating an Object Type to a Different Object Type - SAP HANA Modeling Guide - SAP Library

(I would recommend reading the new material when it comes out, it will save you asking such questions).

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Please gothrw the links below to understand the concept and reason,

Hope this helps,


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Both linked resources are outdated and don't represent the current state of knowledge.

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Hi Saleem,

Initially when designed each view has particular use case and now almost many of the things(but not all ex.derived attribute view) can be done in calculation view as going forward user can build his use cases using only calculation views.

To migrate attribute and analytic views to calculation view, there is a feature called 'Migration' has been introduced in SP11.

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Hi Saleem,

You will find lots of post explaining this.

General Concept:

If you are from ABAP background, their you will find Subroutines, FM, Class methods, and the final program.

I can write the whole code in just one program. But still we use Classes, FM, Includes etc.

Because we want to follow basic and important practice of modularization.

You can google why modularized required.

HANA Concept:

Now in HANA we have same thing I can create one view. But I want to modularized it.

Still their are some points like

You cannot only apply fuzzy search in calculation view.

Attribute view restrict you to get only unique rows by making primary key. As it target master data. But in calculation view this check does not exist.

Their are many points.


Rajender Singh