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Hi Guys,

I remember I have used the attribute variable for planning folder at my previous client who use BW 3.5 and SEM 4.0. My current cleint is only use BW 3.5. and when I in the t code UPSPM trying to configure the attribute variable, none of them can be seen under varaible category, only characterstics and Hierarch variable is available, did I miss something? Also when I tried use the attribute variable in the WIB, no value is display in the drop down manu, while in BPS0, it works fine. Is this means that we can not use the attribute variable in web interface?

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Hi Filip,

Thanks for your response.

But the point is if the attribute variable is one type of the variable, it should be used in folder or web. otherwise why should SAP develop the attribute variable concept.

I figure out that when we in UPSPM, if we choose web-enable for the layout, the attribute variable will not be displayed under variable category, otherwise it will be display, this means that BPS can not use attribute variable at this time. in order to use it, you have to do your own user exit.

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It is indeed not possible to use attribute variables directly in a planning folder or on the web.

The only thing you can do is to add the info-object of the attribute to the transactional cube and to your planning layout.

Ex. if material group is attribute of material, you should add material group to the cube.

You then create a characteristic value (and not an attribute variable) variable on material group. Flag restriction required by user.

You then create a userexit variable on material to call the material group variable, the userexit selects the materials based on the material group and enter in the variable. Do not flag restriction required by user.

The characteristic value variable will be visible in the wib interface, the userexit variable will not be visible.

Material group is further not used, you never fill it or plan it.

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Best Regards,