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Attr change run failed in PC

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Hi Experts, One of my process chain was failed due to Attribute change run and the message is showing Master data extractor running. Change run not possible, we design process chain like below

Start ---->DTP for MD-----> Attribute change run

here my load was completed successfully then how can show this error message

Master data extractor running. Change run not possible?

at the same time one more attribute change run is running in my system? is this effected? and can't we run 2 att change runs at a time?

Regard - Narendra

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Answers (5)

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Some times the infoobjects are not released from the previous change run. This might be the reason for ACR failure.

To solve this issue

1) Go to T-Code RSRV-->All combined Tests ---> Master data for the characteristic and repair any errors.


2) Go to SE37 RSDDS_CHANGE_CHA_MAINTAIN run this function module with the following parameters.

I_CHABASNM = Technical name of characteristic

I_RNSID = -1

Execute the ACR and the infoobjects might have been released now.

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Hi Narendra,

If you are doing attribute change run then at that time you should not load masterdata.

I think In your system it is happening so please avoid this first complete master data load then apply attribute change run.

hope it will resolve your issue.


Ganesh Bothe

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You can try going to the monitor for Attribute change run from RSA1 >> tools >> apply change run or from Transaction RSATTR which will schedule/display attribute change run. Here you can have an option called change run monitor (Monitor icon). this will show the status of change run including which all info objects are affected, and if its hitting the aggregates of any cubes.

There are scenarios where the attribute change run failed with message that it was hitting/affecting aggregates of some infocubes. In case we had to switch off /deactivate aggregates and trigger the change run again and then swtich on / reactivate the aggregates after the change run is over. this may not be the exact issue you are facing.

Most of the times we have problem with the Attribute Change Run(ACR) running because ACR and the Roll Up's for Aggregates cannot run in parallel.

And sometimes ACR goes on running for a long time in such case we need to check which Aggregate the ACR is currently changing and need to deactivate that aggregate.

But before deactivating an aggregate you need to check the data present in that and the usage of the aggregate.

Please use the table RSDDCHNGPROT and find out the infocube affected by this change run and de-activate "ALL" the aggregates

of the infocube listed under CNSID=0. Then start the change-run.

You can rebuild/refill the aggregates once the change-run is finished.This is necessary because there are inconsistencies in the aggregates

Also you can try Tcode CHANGERUNMONI/program RSDDS_CHANGERUN_MONITOR to view this data.

Attribute change run Infoobjects locked

OSS notes 903886

Some times the infoobjects are not released from the previous change run.

So go to the FM RSDDS_AGGR_MOD_CLOSE and run it it will release all the locks on the infoobjects by the ACR.

Now re run the ACR.

But this is only the last resort and not recommended by SAP.


Go to RSDDAGGRMODSTATE -> check for the CLOSEDFL flag for the change run it shoud be empty.

If your last change run was unsuccessful then, Go to table RSDDAGGRMODSTATE. Failed change run might have left a record in this table with field CLOSEDFL = ' ' (false).

Change this field CLOSEDFL to 'X' and the infoobjects will got unlocked.

But this is only the last resort and not recommended by SAP.

Change Run Failed because of Rollup


176606 - Apply Hierarchy/Attribute change ... long runtime

175309 - Hierarchy/attribute - change run improved

Hope this helps.


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Seems like your master data load is still running. wait and later you can run atribute change run.


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at a time only one acr should run, sometimes even the load completes there will be lock on the MD tables.

U can check in sm12 for that object in sm12 tcode