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Attached document for data column in BPS Web application

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I have created layout for a BPS application, the layout has been configured to have the ability to allow the used to create the attached documentd for the data column. when the user open the layout through the planning profile, the icon for those documents is displayed and can be open by click those icons. After we generated the Web applicatios, those icons are gone and the user can not open them any more.

I notice that there is document subcomponent under BPS-WB, I added that subcomponent to my web layout, it still not work.Anybody know how to display the attached documents on the Web, Is this doable?

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Hi Marc,

I did exactly what you mention in your responce e-mail, but it still not work coreectly.

following is my propperty configuration for layout and documents:

Planning layout (layout_lay01)

Only ready for output: True

Row/Cell Selection: Cell

Event on selection: true


Document on planning layout (Document1)

Layout: = layout_lay01

Only ready for output: false


When I launch the application through the Tcode BPS_WIF0

There is no document icon display for each data columns which can been in UPSPL. Instead there is a generic document input/display space under the lauout,however there is no any document display within the box, and I can not input anything within the document box. I changes some of the property for the layout and document, but it not work.

Did I forget some thing?

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you didn't say if you use Excel or HTML layouts in the web interface...

If you use Excel, then unfortunately there's no visual indication that documents are attached. Never the less, you can select a cell and then click the icon with the magnifying glass. This will display the document in the box and make the box ready for input.

If you use HTML, then you should have a radiobutton next to each line/cell and a document icon (if a document is attached). Selecting the radiobutton will enable the input box.



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