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Attach to an open session with CBTA

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during my investigations on CBTA there is one point where I could need some assistance or a hint.

In my application under test are some transactions where the underlying business scenarios are very complex. To increase the maintainability I would like to split up these test script to several less complex sub-steps. During my work with eCATT I got used to the SAP GUI (Attach) command to record an transaction in several steps.

My current impression is that it isn't possible to attach to an open session with CBTA and that I always have to start with an new transaction in an new session. Is this right and if yes how can I make sure to keep the maintainability of my test scripts?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Christoph Menke

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Christoph,

I confirm that this is not possible. CBTA Test Scripts always start with a step starting the application being tested (defined by the executable type + executable information) and then authenticate the business user via the logon screen of the application.

The Test Composition Environment (TCE) does not allow any other ways for starting the test script.

I'm afraid but as far as I know there is no plan for improving this.



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This feature request has also been received from both internal and external customers.

It is being evaluated amongs other requests for future development.

Nothing has been decided yet for when this will be addressed and if it will be at all (due to limited resources).

Best regards


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