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Async Reciever Rest Service call Handling 200 response

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Hi All,

We have a scenario IDOC to Rest service(Async)... Receiver system sends the response with status 200, this 200 status can have successful information + can have Error information like Field1 is missing etc... User doens not exist etc..

I tried using the Rest receiver adapter provided customer Error Handling, but never i am able to capture the Missing field information from Status 200...

Question here is Can we catch the Responses from Status 200 for Rest service call? If not do we need to use other ways like async --Sync? but this may involve BPM here..

Please suggest with your valuable inputs..

Thanks and Regards,


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Normally you can use Sync-Async bride to get the response message if the adapter is SOAP. But i don't know Sync-async bridge works with REST adapter, you should check. if supports it's easier than using BPM.