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Associations in custom entities in SAP RAP



I have a simple RAP based OData Service with two custom entities which are associated one to another like so:

Root entity "RUN"

Root entity "MESSAGE"

So when I call all or a single "run" entity/ies, everything works fine.

Now I want to call the navigation property "to_Messages" of a single "run" entity, to display the results in a lineitem annotation like so:


I thought that as soon as I call the association, the RAP framework would call the if_rap_query_provider~select method of the class, which I defined in the child(associated) entity, like ZCL_CE_MXF_MESSAGE but instead, the framework calls the select method of the "run" entity in the ZCL_CE_MXF_RUN class.

If this works as intended how can I distinguish, which association was called? In the debugger it seems that it is a normal getEntity call of the "Run" entity with no additional information about the association or anything else, that could help me.

When I call the "Message" entity itself, the corresponding select method in the "Message" class is called. But not when I call it as an association of the "Run" Entity. I configured the relation between the two entities as composition in the first place, like in the answer of andre.fischer in the question, but it was no difference.

Did I configured something wrong?

Best Regards


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We just implemented the custom entity on root and child having both classes implemented and they are called sequentially.

If we expand the child, both root and child classes are called. I don't see how you have a different behaviour.

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Hi - I am facing this issue of the child entity not getting called. Instead when I click on the line in the list report, I see that the header entity gets called again. Can you share sample of the 2 entities, so that I can check if I have done something wrong.