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Assistance for the BW Certification Exam

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Hello Terrific Gurus,

Please provide me the complete details for the SAP BW Certification Course.The contact details as well as the sample question papers if you have.

Once again many thanks for all your help.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Rohit,

As of now only BW3.5 certification is availbale. BI 7.0 would be offered next year. The topics for the exam are as follows and the weightage is also mentioned. You can concentrate on the areas which have good weightage first.

SAP Consultant Certification

Solution Consultant SAP NetWeaver ‘04 – Business Intelligence

Software components: SAP BW 3.5

Certification exam is included in course TBW45 and is also offered separately at many SAP locations.

Certification ID (Booking code): C_TBW45_04

Certification duration: 3 hours

Number of certification questions: 80

Required certificates for participation in this certification test:: None

Courses for certification preparation: TBW10, TBW20, TBW30, TBW40, TBW45

Please note that you are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test (no access to online documentation or to any SAP system).

The certification test Solution Consultant SAP NetWeaver ‘04 – Business Intelligence verifies the knowledge in the area of the SAP NetWeaver for the consultant profile Business Intelligence. This certificate proves that the candidate has a basic understanding within this consultant profile, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects.

The certification test consists of questions from the areas specified below:

Topic Areas

1. Reporting (+++)

InfoProviders and InfoObjects

Document Integration

Business Content

Report/Report Interface

Business Explorer

The BEx Browser

BEx Query Designer

BEx Map

Analysis and Reporting in the BEx Analyzer

Mobile Reporting

Bex Web Application Designer

Internet Graphics Server (IGS)

Query Designer

Calculated and Restricted Key Figures

Properties of Key Figures



Properties and Attributes


Query Properties


Exceptions and Conditions

Reporting Agent



Additional Functions

Pre-Calculating Web Templates

Bex Web Application Designer

Web Items

Context Menu

Structuring the Layout of Web Templates

Cascading Stylesheets

Chart Designer

Web Analyzer

Ad-hoc Query Designer

2. Business Planning and Simulation (++)

General concepts and challenges of business planning

Positioning of BPS and relationship to BW

Set up of planning structures

Manual planning and layout formatting

Locking concept and commit model used in BPS

Configuration of planning functions and sequences

Definition and usage of variables

Design of end user interfaces using planning folders and the Web Interface Builder

Options for data models

Integration of hierarchies and attributes into BPS

Characteristic relationships for deriving and validating data

Status and Tracking System

3. Data Modeling (++)


Using Different InfoProvider Types



Navigation Attributes

Status Attributes

Tracking History


Structure of Dimension Tables

Dimension Modeling

BW Star Schema

4. Warehouse Management (+++)

Administrator Workbench Functions


Process Chains


Source Systems

BW Statistics

InfoObject Within BW


Texts, Attributes, Hierarchies

Compounded InfoObjects

Data Flow in BW

Involved Objects

Transfer Rules

Update Rules

Business Content



Storing Data in BW

Data Targets



Data Target - Administration

Aggregate Maintenance

Metadata Repository



5. Extraction (++)

Data Flow

Extraction from SAP Source Systems

Transfer Methods (PSA(Idoc)


Data Extraction Logistics

- LO Cockpit Functions

- LO DataSources Data Flow in R/3

- Structure of Delta Method for LO Cockpit DataSources

Delta Management in extraction

- Delta Method

- Delta Method Properties

- Delta Queue Functions

Generic Extraction

- Data Types

- Data Sources

Enhancing Business Content

Extraction with Flat Files

Extracting Transaction and Master Data using Flat Files

Data Types that Can be Extracted using Flat Files

DB Connect

Universal Data Integration

XML Integration

DataMart Interface

Open Hub Service

Virtual InfoCubes

6. Authorizations


Authorization Object Classes

Authorization Objects


The Authorization Concept


Reporting User

Warehouse Management User

7. SAP NetWeaver 04 - Technical Scenarios (++)

Information Broadcasting

BW Information Broadcasting: Overview and Positioning

BEx Broadcaster Functions

Setting up Events, Time Points and Authorizations

Workbook Precalculation

SAP BW and SAP Enterprise Portal (EP 6.0) Integration

SAP BW and SAP XI Integration

BW Alerts in the Central Alert Framework (SAP Web Application Server)

Web Services

Weighting key in the test:

+ = 1 - 9%

++ = 10 - 19%

+++ = over 20%

Also check this post:



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Please go through --> consultant education --> list of courses :

you will find the full list of courses available in BI, as for sample question papers - not much available on the internet ..

For full details on the same you can contact Maragadham Ramiah @ or ( you would be emailing a lady called rashmi at this address)