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Assign Bex report to the role

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Hello BW experts,

I have created a Bex query and have to assign this to a role so that the user can access.

Wondering if the below procedure is complete.

-- PFCG > role > menu > add the report

-- And the Authorizations tab became red. What am I missing.

Should I have to go to 'Maintain Authorization data and generate profiles' section > button 'Change authorization data'.

Many thanks in advance.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi BWer,

after assigning a menue item to a role in pfcg the required authorizations to start the menue item are automatically included in the role. Thats why the authorizatoin tab became red. Might be only S_TCODE Value RRMX.

You could go and check in pfgc and regenerate the role if you are familiar with the authorization concept. Or even easier follow the tip to assign the report to a role in the BEx analyser.

hope that helped,


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Also Take a look on the following notes.





With rgds,


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Michel -

Welcome to SDn and BWer -

Generate the authorization again and assign the query to a role by saving to it and then use PFCG to restrict the report to the role only.


P.S Remember to compare users before testing if it works...

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If you cannot see the roles in your saving Bex queries screen(if those roles are not assigned/authorize to you), then you have to do this thro' PFCG.

You need to give authorization

Business Explorer - Components

- ACtivity - Display, Execute, Change/Create accordingly

- InfoArea, InfoCube, Name/ID of the query etc

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After creating the query, save the query to a role from the query designer.