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Assertion failed MDG-S Vendor UI

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we are currently configuring the standard MDG-S Vendor UI Create ERP-

Vendor Change Request (VENDR01) and Workflow (WS54300005). Workflow seems to behave as expected with the exception

that everytime when we try to add a Purchasing Organisation including corresponding purchasing data the CR is terminated in the UI with a

dump (adding Purchasing Organisation key field only no dump is happening and WF finishes successfully).

Furthermore, when we change the number assignment configuration to BP External numbering + Vendor external numbering / Same numbers same dump is already happening much earlier when we try to save Vendor Adress Details in the Create

ERP Vendor CR before adding Purchasing Organisation Data or even submitting the CR.

Same dump behaviour with the Lean Vendor CR VENDL1.

Category ABAP Programming Error


ABAP Program CL_USMD_MODEL=================CP

Application Component CA-MDG-AF

Date and Time 29.01.2013 15:06:22

Short text

The ASSERT condition was violated.

Error analysis

The following checkpoint group was used: "No checkpoint group


If in the ASSERT statement the addition FIELDS was used, you can


the content of the first 8 specified fields in the following


" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "

" (not used) "



or "CL_USMD_MODEL=================CM02S"


Anyone experiencing the same issue ?



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Answers (3)

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Hi Mike,

I am encountering the same error now. May I know if you were able to resolve this issue by now? If yes, I would appreciate if you can inform me how to resolve this.




Active Contributor
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Hi Mike,

This issue comes any inconsistances in application component in your case "CA-MDG-AF"

Not sure about excat reaso but Please refere to the below threads might help u.



Former Member
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Hi Michael,

I am also working on MDG-S via vendor UI.

It seems that I am facing to the issue that you described

Let me explain when and how my DUMP appear

I have extended my data model and the activate the new data model BP

But now when I try to create a supplier/ erp vendor, I have directly a short dump with the message "ASSERT condition was violated"

Could you explain how you have solved your issue ?

Thanks in advance