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Asked to AND bitmaps of different length

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Whilst adding a new table subscription (define subscription...), RS reported (for all distributors but one):

E. 2016/03/03 15:15:00. ERROR #25021 DIST(212 [server].[database]) - seful/bm.c(553)

        Asked to AND bitmaps of different length

I. 2016/03/03 15:15:00. DIST for '[server].[database]' is waiting for SQM(s) to flush to outbound queue(s).

I. 2016/03/03 15:15:00. The distributor for '[server].[database]' is shutting down

I was able to resume them (resume distributor [server].[database]) and everything seems to be working.

Seems very odd that adding a subscription should cause this to occur.  What is also interesting is that the distributor for the database that I was defining the subscription for did NOT go down.

Any insight is appreciated.

RS version 15.6

ASE 15.5

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Thanks so much for your reply.  Good to know I'm not the only one who has seen this. Based on your experience, it is interesting to see that the problem/bug still exists in RS 15.7.1.  And, like you, I created a new connection to the replicate database just prior to defining the subscription.

Also, my biggest concern was the message "DIST for '[server].[database]' is waiting for SQM(s) to flush to outbound queue(s)."   But it seems that all transactions made it to the replicates.

One other bit of info is that eventually all our distributors when down.  But one of them, I'm sure, did not have any activity or transactions going through, but it went done at 1 a.m. this morning.  Which makes me wonder if there is some sort of housekeeping thread that might have triggered it.


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With Linux based repservers where I work, this problem has been active since repserver 12.6 (up to 15.7.1).   As mentioned above, it seems to associated with setting up new connection/subscription.