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ASE v16 page faults after applying RHEL Patch v8.8 (May 2023)

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With the May RHEL 8.8 Patch updates applied and no changes to our Adaptive Server Enterprise v16 installation, ASE is reporting Page Faults that we have not seen prior to this RHEL update. Has anyone else seen this and know what can be done to stop the faults from happening?

Items of note.

  • We are running Sybase in a containerized environment.
  • ASE version that we are running:
    Adaptive Server Enterprise/16.0 SP03 PL11 HF1/EBF 30223 SMP/P/x86_64/SLES 11.1/ase160sp03pl11x/4023/64-bit/FBO/Mon Feb 14 21:02:34 2022
  • Since upgrading RHEL8 patches as of May 2023 we are seeing the following within Sybase:
    Jul 27 04:45:22 servername sh[2366]: 00:0001:00000:00000:2023/07/27 04:45:21.96 kernel Adaptive Server had 967791 major and 5105 minor page faults since boot, and 8831 major and 2 minor page faults in last 25000 milliseconds.
  • The OS (VM) allocation is 8 CPU and 48 GB RAM
  • The container allocation is 4 CPU and 17 GB

This is the current memory settings on the system:

Parameter Name Default Memory Used Config Value Run Value Unit Type

------------------------------ ----------- ------------- -------------- ------------ ---------------- ---------

max memory 229376 8388608 4194304 4194304 memory pages(2k) dynamic

total logical memory 208896 7090676 3544276 3545338 memory pages(2k) read-only

total physical memory 0 7088552 0 3544276 memory pages(2k) read-only

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If you haven't already ... I'd suggest opening a case with tech support. While you may get lucky and someone (in this relatively small forum) chimes in with some useful info, I'd expect tech support to respond more quickly and/or with more useful info.


FWIW, a quick review of the Installation/Upgrade Guide for Linux mentions SAP Note 2987324 as having the latest info on supported OS's and associated patches. (I don't have access to SAP Notes so I can't comment on whether RHEL 8.8 is supported and/or if there are some additional patches required.)

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Sounds unlikely to me that ASE should increase its memory footprint just after an OS upgrade (but who knows)

I assume you don't have data on ASE's memory consumption of before the OS upgrade. (nor that of other processes running on the maschine)

Maybe with the OS upgrade some new processes run that consume a lot of memory so the machine starts swapping.

Any indication that ASE or some other processes may leak memory ?

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SAP Note 2987324 applies to ASE 16.0 SP04. You want SAP Note 2489781.

Has there been a change in the RHEL patches that allow it to run better when containerized - i.e. change memory allocation of memory for more containers to be able to run on the host VM swapping, new OS process that consume memory or existing processes (such as file caching), etc. Have you tried ASE 16.0 SP03PL14?