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ASE update fails

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I am trying to update ASE with this command

saphostctrl [-user sapadm <password>] -function LiveDatabaseUpdate -dbname VBQ -dbtype syb [-dbinstance <server>] -updatemethod Execute -updateoption TASK=UPDATE_ASE -updateoption DROP_LOCATION="D:\temp\asepatch\"

But i get error:

Unauthorized: User authentication required

Any ideas? I really cannot understand why - i am 100% sure of the sapadm password

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Hi Jakob,
It doesn't look like a message related with sapadm password...Is there any restriction for Host Agent folder ?
Do you have some more information in the dev_sapdbctrl log ?
Best regards,

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Just did a quick and dirty test (on a Linux box though) deliberately using a wrong password for sapadm :

/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostctrl -function LiveDatabaseUpdate  -user sapadm -  -dbname XYZ -dbtype syb -updatemethod Execute -updateoption  UPDATE_FORCE=1 -updateoption TASK=UPDATE_ASE -updateoption DROP_LOCATION="/sybase/XYZ/"
Please enter password for user sapadm:
Error: HTTP error, HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

Looks a bit different , but may be due to Linux /Windows (don't know)

You can try and execute the command with a wrong password for sapadm - if the output is differetn , then we know the error is not due to and downstream of sapdam authentication.