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ASE slow performance on backup

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Hello Guys,

I need your help regarding the performance of ASE during backup.

My os is WINDOWS on vmware. When I perform a dump of database (my db is 350 GB) it takes 7 hours to complete.

There's a way to optimize it?

Prefer to avoid the use of QUIESCE method. From what I read it does not allow the update on tables and my SAP system must be up during backup (correct me if my assumption is wrong).

Any suggestion?

Some parameter I can change to optimize it?

Is it related to disk?

Please let me know.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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One additional thing to look at is the sp_dumpoptimize stored procedure.  You can use this to cause ASE to dump only allocated pages or everything.  It is a little counter-intuitive, but if your dump devices can handle large i/o effectively it can be faster to dump everything an extent at a time than just dumping only the pages that are actually in use a page at a time.

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Hello all,

thanks for all the hints!

@Mark   the Z:\ is a local disk.

I have tried to modify the registry adding a key Arg6 with -m256M o -m 256M  but did not work.

How is the right syntax?

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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In addition to Kimon's suggestion, you can try to increase backupserver max shared memory (-m switch), it may help in some scenarios. Try to increase -m from 48M (the default) to 256M and see if it brings any improvement.

QUIESCE DATABASE approach is mostly intended for use in combination with incremental clone/snapshot functionality of the storage. If your storage has an incremental clone/snapshot functionality, QUIESCE DATABASE approach surely may outperform regular database dumps, especially from the restore perspective.

Hope it helps

Leonid Gvirtz

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Hello all.

this is my dump script.

dump database XXX to "compress::4::Z:\BACKUP\XXX.dmp"

I trieid already compress from 4 to 9 and my backup took 14 hours!

Where is the place I can change the config of backup server?

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You may try to increase the number of stripes (maybe one per available core)