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ASE Shrinking Database Requirement.

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Can any one suggest me . How Shrinking database can be done in ASE 15.7.

When should I decide database need to be Shrinked in ERP production SERVER ?

In earlier days in MS-SQLSERVER we used to  truncate log file before shrnking the data file.

And it will reduce the db file size and gain db performance.

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please make sure that shrinking is supported. When it was released with 15.7, SP100, shrinking of Business Suite / Netweaver systems was not supported.

You can find a documentation on shrinking here: 

Shrinking Databases - System Administration Guide: Volume 2 - SAP Library

The main command is alter database .. off

I would shrink a database only if I gain a lot disk space.

From operational perspective a too large database does not matter too much. Backup does not take longer and is not bigger. Maintenance jobs work on the objects, not on un-allocated space.

A disadvantage of a larger database is that restoring this database from dump will take longer. During load the data is restored and the free space in the database is initialized. This takes longer in a larger database.

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