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ASE Server periodically Locks out new Connections

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We are running ASE 15.5 on Linux : Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.5/EBF 20636 SMP ESD#5.2/P/x86_64/Enterprise Linux/asear155/2602/64-bit/FBO/Sun Dec  9 15:11:04 2012 

We have experienced  periods where new sessions are unable to connect to ASE  via  isql/JAVA/ODBC.  We are not seeing much in error log

Some times we see  Login failure messages in log and update of syslogins failed:

00:01:00000:03379:2014/10/30 10:11:43.30 Logon  Login failed : User *******, Client IP address: '**********', Appname: ,Sybase Application, Progname: DB-Library, Progversion:, TdsVersion:

00:10:00000:09278:2014/10/30 10:11:43.30 server  Update of syslogins failed

When this happened -- server was not accessible by new connections for any where between 1  minute and 5 minutes .. Then applications were able to connect -- no other issues. All applications/ sessions that were already connected did not seem to experience any problem.  This past Friday we experienced lockout of new sessions -- no errors were recorded in the log.  Lock out did not correct itself -- We do have an open CASE with SAP and we attempted to get a shared memory dump.  We had to terminate the memory dump after 40 minutes and then  were forced to reboot ASE . 

Anyone experience anything similar ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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What are you currently doing to keep the transaction log in master pruned?  Is there any chance master's log is filling?

Are you using auditing at all, and particularly auditing of logins?

Do you have the sp_passwordpolicy property "enable last login updates" turned on?  Turning it off may avoid the problem.

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We are not auditing ..

We did not chage password policy

We are not regularly pruning master log ---  I will ad that as part of nightly backup of master and  system databases

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi --

We are still seeing this occasionally.  Happened earlier today -- server new connections wee locked for about 45 seconds --

saw following in log:

00:07:00000:04458:2015/07/20 11:21:12.10 server  Update of syslogins failed

00:04:00000:03632:2015/07/20 11:21:12.10 server  Update of syslogins failed

00:18:00000:07700:2015/07/20 11:21:12.11 server  Update of syslogins failed

00:16:00000:04445:2015/07/20 11:21:12.11 server  Update of syslogins failed


00:05:00000:05915:2015/07/20 11:21:49.53 server  Unable to read in login record.

00:19:00000:04791:2015/07/20 11:21:50.28 server  Unable to read in login record.

We did implement some changes per older ticket

set configuration for enable last login updates'  to 0

Set lastlogincount to 0 where was null ..

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I've seen this problem too.

Happens when 'R' users try to unleash lots of concurrent logins.

I just checked - this property must be on by default:

1> sp_passwordpolicy 'list', 'enable last login updates'

2> go

Policy_option                  Curr_value Min_value Max_value

------------------------------------ ---------------- --------------- ----------------

enable last login updates                1              0               1

I'm turning it off to see what happens, or doesn't as the case might be.