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Dear All

Hi. How can I activate the license called "ASE_SECDIR"? I need to test "enable granular permissions", but without that license is not possible. I am working with SAP ASE version 15.7 ESD #2

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Dear Mr Esmael
I strongly discourage the continued use of 15.7 ESD#2 - too old too many defects that re not fixed inthat version. Condider latest SP on 15.7 - or veen upgrade to ASE 16.0 (latest) . But that is unrelated.
If this is a SAP Netweaver system with ASE as a database then all necessary licenses should be included in the one that comes with the SAP system insatllation.
If this a standalone ASE server , then you need to acquire the licesense from SAP and install it in the system.
One last point : there are some performance improvements related to the use of GP feature . These changes went into latest ASE releases only. (ASE CR 814968 Performance degradation in SAP ASE may be observed when 'enable granular permissions' is enabled. )
Another reason to upgrade the ASE version.


Tilman Model-Bosch

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Dear Tilman

Thanks alot for your reply and recommendation , I want to inform you that server is standalone and i found that ASE_Privacy License so my question is "enable granular permission" included on ASE_Privacy License