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AS2 Sender Channel - HTTP 1.1 403 Forbidden or HTTP 1.1 402 unauthorized

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Scenario:- AS2 (Sender)->PI/PO->SAPSOAP

Components:- We are using SAP PI 7.4 B2B toolkit AS2 adapter to receive a message from our partner.

Issue:- When the thirdparty is sending the AS2 message we are receiving HTTP 1.1 403 Forbidden or HTTP 1.1 402 unauthorized.

We shared the the AS2 URL to be http://public_ip:50000/AS2/AS2Name which is different from http://pi_ip:50000/AS2/AS2Name.

Currently the expected URL is the sender communication AS2 channel is configured as .*

Also in the public key certificate we shared we used our PI Server DNS name as the common name instead of our public_ip.

When we look into the XPI_INSPECTOR log the recipient-address: in the incoming message(HTTP post from third party) is http://public_ip:50000/AS2/AS2Name and the hostname is public_ip:50000.

Why are we getting this 403/401 error?

I am suspecting that this is because we asked our partner to use the IP address in the AS2 URL on their side with our public IP when sending the message. This public IP address is different from our PI host ip.

Also when we generated our certificates we used PI host name instead of public ip address.

Do you see any of these causing the issues?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance...



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SAP B2B Addon's AS2 policy is by default set to be authorized with valid user id along with certificates(if required) . So if you want to eliminate this error provide a valid user id with necessary roles or else you need to disable authorization check for the AS2 (This will be disabled globally at the system level and not at interface level).