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Ariba Sourcing Master Data - Payload Request Successful but no data in Master Data Search

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Hi experts,

We are working on the integration of SAP S4/HANA with Ariba Sourcing through CIG and currently, we are trying to import Company Code Master Data for Contract Creation from ERP.

Data exported from S4/H successfully reaches CIG, under Transaction Tracker we can see that the request is 'Completed' status. After checking on Ariba's part, under Administration -> Master Data Manager -> Manage Payload Requests, the status of the request is 'Indexing Success'. Under Payload View we can see that the exported Company Codes are in fact in the uploaded document.

However, under Master Data Search, there is no match for Company Code master data for our External System.


Please, if you have any suggestion on how to resolve above issue, do let me know.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi All, We are facing same issue as above we could see the data in transaction tracker & in Ariba Administration Master Payload Request the Status "Scheduled" since long time. Can anyone help me out why the payload got stuck in Schedule Stage.

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