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Ariba SLP to MDG Integration - Rejection of CR in MDG is not notified to Ariba SLP

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In our scope, we are not using MDG Consolidation but only MD Governance(Staging) with the Ariba SLP integration.

In this case, we have 2 main the main challenges.

  1. When the user in MDG rejects the Change Request in governance, the business user in Ariba SLP cannot see this and will not know that the Supplier data is rejected.
  2. When the inbound BP webservice fails in MDG due to a missing configuration/data issue, the business user in Ariba SLP have no idea what happens to the Supplier data he/she synced to MDG

Do we have these challenges addressed by standard in the latest MDG version?

Appreciate any response.

Thank you.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Please try this link instead.

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We are working SLP to MDG vendor process .In our case this outbound proxy BADI (BusinessPartnerRelationshipSUITEBulkReplicateConfirmation_Out ) not getting called while validation error before creation of CR or rejection of CR.

Could you please help me to find / call correct BADI ,

do u have any idea where these failure messages / data will get store in sap table .

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Hi Mark,

Your link is not working. Could you please update it ? we are facing the same issue, there is no confirmation message sent to Ariba SLP when the CR is rejected in MDG-S.

Thanks in advance.