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Are SAP ASE and IQ On Premise maintained?

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Version 16.1 of ASE is postponed.
There is no information on the next version of IQ after 2027.

What does SAP plan for these historic Sybase customers who use these DBMS for their own applications ?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Both SAP ASE and SAP IQ continue to be fully maintained. The latest PL release for SAP ASE was released 13.05.2024 and the latest PL release for SAP IQ was released 22.03.2024. 


Product Management and Engineering are currently discussing future release plans and I expect to have an update within the next month. 

I would recommend that SAP IQ customers take a look at SAP HANA Cloud, Data Lake. This is the cloud native version of SAP IQ and innovations related to SAP IQ are being delivered to SAP HANA Cloud, Data Lake. This blog highlights some of the benefits available if you choose to migrate your on premise system to SAP HANA Cloud, Data Lake: