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Are log backups older than last data backup deleted automatically after the data backup?

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Hi experts,

Are log backups older than last data backup deleted automatically after the data backup?

If not, I wonder if log backups need to be deleted because it would take disk space.
Is there any way to delete old log backups automatically, like using scripts?

Thank you.

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Hello Junya,

Log backups are not automatically deleted after data backup. But you can schedule housekeeping script which can help to maintain retention of data backups (for both backup catalog and physical data files).

If you don't want to keep log backup files, you can delete it using below command for files older then x days -

find <logbackupfolder> -type f -mtime +x -exec rm {} \;

You can also schedule housekeeping job as described in your earlier thread



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Hi Dennis,

We have an SAP HANA Service which is running on AWS to which we don't have OS level Access. Our Instance is quite small only 64GB of Memory. The trace files are piling up and quickly occupying the space on the DB. We would like to know if there is any automated process that can delete the files older than n days?

We have the parameters (Maxfiles, Maxfilessize) present in global.ini. Could you please let me know if there is any other process to delete the trace files that are older than n days? Like a date parameter, which would automatically check the trace file dates and delete the files that are older than 15 days?

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Refer to note 2399996 - How-To: Configuring automatic SAP HANA Cleanup with SAP HANACleaner, you can use SAP HANACleaner to delete older backups (offline redologs before the last retained full data backup are also removed as well) and catalogs automatically using crontab.

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you can use the

BACKUP CATALOG DELETE statement. It has an option to delete the LogFiles on Disc, too.

It is also implemted in the HANA Cleaner:

Best regards