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Archiving CO_ORDER

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Hi Experts,

I´m checking archiving object CO_ORDER,  because I want to archive this object,  I retrieve all records on AUFK with order type 01,02,03,04,05 and 06, but just appears 60 records,  the question is where is stored the head of cost orders?  Can you please recommend me links with detailed documentation?  thanks for your help,  happy day.

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In adiition, As per my understanding; COEJ, COEP, COSB, COSP, COSS are among the crucial ones in terms CO Objects and Line items.

They also do part of archiving object CO_ITEM so you might consider this side as well.

Secondly, you can go through the spool carefully (if not done) and understand any dependencies on other objects. N/w graphic is also kind of helpful to understand the FI dependencies.

Hope this helps!!


Yogesh Soman.

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Thanks for your help.