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Archive Job Write and Delete process monitoring

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HI Guru's

I want to know how to monitor the Running Archive process in SAP System for both Write and Delete process.

Following things are monitored at this point but if there is more informative way , please suggest.

1. Monitor the Archive job

2. Check the WP details from job details and check the SM50 for running/hold status

3. check the details of workprocess where Write or delete program is running and checking the CPU time if its increasing or not when refreshed

4. Check DB02/ ST04 for session monitor with respect to PID and check for Logical and Physical Read if increasing while refreshing

5. Check RZ20 --> CCMS Monitor Templates --> Data Archiving --> Check the Checkpoints and Statistics.

Above steps are checked at this point to understand running Archive job but we are not able to find any precise information of at what steps the process is at. If there is any more check which can help us find out about active process please let me know. Thanks.

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