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Architectural differences between Ep5.0 and Ep6.0

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Hi Expert,

Is there any document that specifies the differences in the EP5.0 and EP6.0 architecture.

It seems that the only difference is just the switch framework containing the extension set and Industry Solution looks very strange!

Have you any idea about other differencies?

Many thanks in advance


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Some differences that i know are...except the indroduction of KM..

1.Ep6.0 doesn't contain iView catcher and Web components

as Ep5.0

2.Packages cannot handle multiple SAP instances in a single iView as it is in case of Ep5.0

3.Certain searches like BOM search for multiple plants is not possible in Ep6.0

4.Ep6.0 has new Portal and Web Services for extracting portal information than those in Ep5.0

5.Ep6.0 has better user interface than SAP EP 5.0

with regards


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Fabio,

The difference between EP5 & EP6 is that there is no PDK beneath EP. The "PDK" for EP6 is a business package (a role with some content) to import into EP6. From there, you can upload components (PAR files), delete them etc., and you have the doc's that you know from PDK 5.0.

There is also a different Eclipse plugin.

Portal components for EP5 and EP6 differ in many points, for example there is a xml deployment descriptor in EP6 where in EP5 you had the profile property files.

Also some APIs have changed.

But you can import EP5 par files into Eclipse with the EP6 plugin.



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Hi Fabio,

the biggest difference I'm still aware of (my last EP5 project is now 2 years ago) is the inclusion of KM. At EP5, the KM has been an extension itself, whereas on EP6 KM is just a set of portal applications (still with some special characteristics as for example the CRTClassLoaderRegistry).

Then EP5 was a mixture of ASP and Java iViews, whereas EP6 is pure Java (in the meantime you have the .NET framework, but this is just a bridge).

Hope it helps