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Approval (Workflow) process Error

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Hi all KM Gurus

I am new to Approval process in KM.

I have enabled the approval process on folder say XYZ.

I gave the full control to user1 and only write permission to user2.

In service permissions I gave full control to user1 and approval administrativr privilege to user2.

Now when user2 uploads any document under XYZ folder, in the documents context menu he unable to view the submit to approval option.

But that option for the same file is available to User1.

So what is wrong with my settings?

Please help me out.

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Answers (3)

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The problem is solved.

There was problem with ACL permissions.

Thanks to all for ur replies.

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Did you define approvers for the folder?

If you have not defined any approvers for a folder, authors can publish the documents in this folder without going through the approval process.

Let me know the approvers of this process.


Praveen Gudapati

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Hi Vinod,

Being in Folder XYZ, go to Folder>Details>settings-->permissions and give "full control" to user1 and "read" permission to user2. In Service Permissions give full control to user1 and give "subscribe" to user2. Choose approval and add some user to step1.

Hope this helps you. If it doesn't work let me know the details...

Ramesh Kotagiri.