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Approval process for custom BO

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Hello experts,

I'm trying to add approval process for custom BO. Generally, everything works fine, approvals are sent to approver and the frameworks works well. However, I have no Idea how add EC component to my BO's TI screen to visualize BO's approval step to the enduser. For example, Opportunity_TI uses SRM_MultiStepApprovalReuse_EC component to visualize approval steps.

Has anybody any idea how to add approval step visualization to the TI? There is no info in guides about it 😞



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Hope this helps

Thanks, Pradeep.
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Thank you, Pradeep,

The discussion is helpful but unfortunately non enought. My question is how to add to my custom TI the view like standard Opportunity TI has. See the screenshot below. The standard screen uses SRM_MultiStepApprovalReuse_EC reusable component but I have no idea how to bind it to my custom TI

Thank you,