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Approval of Earmarked Funds Fiori Application in Fiori Inbox

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Dear Experts,

I'm using custom workflow by taking copy from standard workflow for Earmarked Funds Scenario("FMRE" BOR, for 'WS99900008' Workflow template ID, 'TS99900020' Task ID). I'm also configured the approve / reject decisions in SPRO for fiori my inbox. I have mentioned the approve and reject reason in "FMRE_WFDEC_RSN" transaction. The problem is when I approve/reject through fiori inbox it won't reflect at the backend. Its triggering the /IWWRK/IF_WF_WI_BEFORE_UPD_IB~BEFORE_UPDATE method while approving through fiori inbox. Currently i'm updating the workflow container values in this method, but it doesn't make any impact. How can i implement decision in this /IWWRK/IF_WF_WI_BEFORE_UPD_IB~BEFORE_UPDATE method for this case? Any suggestions to over this issue? Thanks in advance

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Over all there seems to be two issue which you are facing

  1. You are not able to update the workitem container.
  2. The decision or action executed on the fiori application is not getting reflected on the work item status.

When I tried to look into the systems I found that the method or interface you mentioned is actually a Badi which has filters( Workflow ID and Step ID) so make sure you have implemented this badi properly with right filter criteria.

You can always look for one of the existing class implementation "/IWWRK/CL_WF_UPDATE_WORKITEM" and method CUST_BADI_BEFORE_UPDATE also EXECUTE_DECISION.


Pavan Bhamidipati

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Hai Pavan,

Thanks for the response. As you mentioned I have given the correct workflow id and step I'd in filters and my badi also getting triggered while approving through fiori inbox. The problem is when i'm updating the container values it's getting updated but the workflow status still is in progress. the approve or reject status didn't updated in the document.