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apply style on include text

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I have an issue on smartform.

I need to print text by appending one by one in a line .

So i used start-'Append Directly' for all text.

in between one of the text is 'include text' type.

This should be in different font with bold and underline.

I applied different paragraph format to the include text.

but this doesnt reflect on print.

Please help me sort the issue.


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well the form or the smartstyle assigned to the form must know the paragraph and character formats you are using in your include text. most probably you forgot that.

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i applied paragraph format to include text. But it didnt work.

this include text use the standard paragraph format of the style of that smart form.

I doesnt find any option to apply character format.



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hmmm i though i couldnt be misunderstood.

anyway i´ll give it a new go.

if you are using a form (SAP-SCRIPT/SMARTFORM) to print the include text, the style of that form will get used.

So, if you want to format that include text using paragraph and character formats, you need to use paragraph and character formats which are known in the form.

Or if you used new other formats, you need to add those to the style of the form or the form itself if its SAP-SCRIPT.