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I have created a button and two drop downs with values populated. all the elements are in popup screen. i have to proceed only if both the values are selected, if not selected i want a pop up with a message.

In on click event i have written a logic.

  if (dropdown1.getselectedvalue() == '' )


          application.alert("dropdown 1 has no value");


else if (dropdown2.getselectedvalue() == '' )


          application.alert("dropdown 2 has no value");


else {

some statements;


when i run the report in local mode the alert message is popping up

when i run the report on BI  platform the alert message is not popping up.

WHY? And how can i achieve the popup of alert message.

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Answers (3)

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Hi Gopinath,

The application.alert() function works only in the Local mode. if you need get the values means. just use a text box and collect the data by using settext() and by this way you will get the desirable value in the text box while you run the application in BI platform. once you achieved the result remove the text box.


Manojkumar Natarajan.

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Application.alert method is intended for debugging a locally executed application. It works if the application is executed locally, but will be ignored if the application is executed directly on the BI platforms.

You can use Creates info message, warning message and error message which displayed in the Message view on locally and BI Platforms.


Kashif Khan

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Application.alert is only supported in local mode, not in BI Platform mode.  This is clearly mentioned in the documentation.

In server mode you could write the values to a text box or use application.createinfomessage etc.