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appgyver with S4HANA odata source

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Hi Team,

I have an issure with my appgyver app.

if I use third party authorization (not BTP auhorization), I will get connect to my S4HANA system with success through oData (this trrough my laptop webbrowser and my cellphone device webbrowser) but If I try to connect from Appgyver preview app or from the deployed apk, I don't get access to my S4HANA system if I do this through my android app (on my cellphone device).

are there some requirements to connect appgyver apps to S4HANA from Android? I have "Network error" when we call the oData.

I will appreciate any suggests. Regards!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Cesar,
Can you please share some more details please?

  • Only problem after deployment is with Android?
  • Does it work fine if you run your deployed application from your computer instead of an Android mobile device?
  • What about iOS, have you tried?
  • When you say AppGyver, do you mean community edition or SAP BTP AppGyver (Classic)? Ort SAP Build Apps?
  • When you say authentication through 3rd-party, what does that mean? Do you have a communication user and does basic authentication, or does it go through API management?


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Hi friends

I supposed that my issue was on network because my server is accessed through VPN and may be need a certificate but I do another tests:

If I debug the app from my mobile device through the preview from "sap appgyver preview" app (this is where the app doesnt get connect to my S4HANA oData) I get this error:

then I try to do the same but through an open odata ( to avoid the network (vpn, certificates errors)

then I get the records through test without errors (neither cors errors)

when I test my app I get the records from the oData through chrome web browser (on my computer and my mobile phone device) using the preview, it works fine

(desktop prevew) works fine through chrome web browser

(mobile device prevew) works fine through mobile chrome web browser

(mobile device prevew) doesn´t works through SAP AppGyver Preview app (SAP AppGyver Preview)

this open odata must be works on "SAP AppGyver Preview" app. Are there another kind of configuration that I need to do?

thanks in advance

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Cesar: did you managed to solve your issue?

I have the same exact problem when i try the app in android with preview app.

But with the webapp test option everything is alright

i am using SAP Business One Odata Conection