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Appeon Mobile: SingleLineEdit control bugs

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Appeon Mobile 2015 Build 0366

Tested with Android 4.2.2, 4.4.2 and 5.0.2

Hi All,

In I have left a sample test of the three bugs I've found using the SingleLineEdit control.

I also left three videos showing how to reproduce the bugs:

Video 1) Shows how the "activate" event of a window is raised when I click in it (I change their title), but not when I change the focus pressing the "Next" button of the virtual keyboard.

Video 2) Shows random errors setting the "Text" property of the SingleLineEdit control.

The code in the "Set date" button is:

String ls

ls = string(Today())

sle_1.Text = ls

Messagebox("SLE Text set to", ls)

Messagebox("SLE Text value is", sle_1.Text)

Video 3) Shows how we can change the focus from a Response window to another window by pressing the "Next" button of a SingleLineEdit Control


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Answers (2)

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Hi Paco,

Thanks for reporting these problems! We reproduced them on our end and will do further research to figure it out. We will keep you posted about the progress.


Appeon Support Team

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Nice findings.

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For now, the workarounds I have found are:

Error 1) ?

Error 2)


     sle_1.SelectText(1, Len(sle_1.Text))



     of sle_1.Text = ls

Error 3) Force the focus to the active window in the "pbm_keydown" event of the SingleLineEdit control

If Key = KeyEnter! Then Parent.SetFocus()

But they are weak and annoying workarounds...